sreda, 25. januar 2012

plezalna stena 5.del

.finished painting :)
/celebratory chocolate was served :) there were also two kinds of celebratory cookies :)

/all animals dressed up super fancy, just for that occasion - bow ties for everyone :)
.to je Eli (vesela navdušena mala bodoča lastnica plezalne stene) predlagala 
in sma vsem narisala še metuljčke :)

/this is how it looks now
 /ok there are bits of blue missing on the sky but that's because we ran out of blue paint
everything else is super finished :)
.končano :)

ponedeljek, 23. januar 2012

.plezalna stena 3.del

.forgot to take photos at the end of today - it's really coming together nicely

.also, this came today, just in time

.aren't they awesome :) 
.illustrations are by Scott C.  

.happy year of the dragon everyone 
.dragons dragons :)

nedelja, 15. januar 2012

.out at dusk

.first sketches for the gnome   
.i had the idea first to make two of them and the doors at the roots
 .but decided later to do it more simple
 .quick orange wash 
 .this is the fun part :)
 .waiting for it to dry watching the shapes that water makes
 .drew a lot of branches over the top and
.tada :)