ponedeljek, 17. oktober 2011

.gre počasi ampak gre - sam se mi zdi d kr neki čečkam
sm se lotu cvetličarne in deklce, ki prodaja cvetje
.čist mi je všeč tale oblačkasta oblika las in pa to d je brez nosa in ust
karkol sm ji narisov je kr motlo, mogoč pa sploh ni tko slabo d je brez

/.i started with a small scene in the flower shop,
I'm still trying to figure out how the girl will look,
but am almost decided to draw her without her nose and mouth completely

nedelja, 16. oktober 2011

/.I am so brilliant at postponing everything, it's unbelievable
and I really need the push sometimes, cause I hardly ever do,
push myself to finish things

.I have to get my comic finished !!!
.I gave myself a deadline and I have to get it done !!!
.cause it's just been too **** long (i'm not cursing, those are snowflakes :)

.photos here are of two characters (that are actually just one) from the story i have in mind for the comic. I made a big version of them to serve as a reminder to stick to it and do it already !
.oh and also because they just look awesome in my room :)

.I'll post some stuff as things get moving
.and do feel free to bug me about how it's going :)

.pencils sharpened, fingers crossed, time to get busy ...

sobota, 15. oktober 2011

.še zmerej ne dobim Tehanu, pa sm si sposodu Beseda za svet je gozd - in je čist fest !
/reading Ursula K. Le Guin's The word for world is forest

ponedeljek, 10. oktober 2011

.živjo kruti poštni svet

.prov bedno mi je zj, k nism hotu poslat speštančkov - bljeh
/the tiny packages i sent got squashed in the mail
- that's what this doodle comic illustrates
/for some reason I started drawing ninjas now - hm :)
.mali jesenski zakladki
/little treasures of autumn