torek, 27. december 2011


.tole pokažem mamic, pa me praša če delam zdj strip o pjancih :)
.so pa to stare stekleničke za zdravila

/old medicine bottles

 /I like long and slow intro pages
I'm also making them a long time and very slowly 

ponedeljek, 26. december 2011

.uf, dialogi so kr težki, pogruntat kaj vsak reče, pa kako, pa kdaj
ampak ko imam pa enkrat najden taprav izraz in pozo, besede, kr pašejo zraven 
/dialogs are quite hard to put together but they're much easier when i find the right pose and expressions
they sort of just fit

sobota, 24. december 2011

.deep thoughts will consume you



/this is much just improvised comic, i started drawing this guy under water who meets a fish
than i drew what happened next and what happened before that

i drew his mouth shut so that he wouldn't drown under water - cause he can't breathe anyway :)

torek, 20. december 2011

sobota, 17. december 2011

.why is it so much easier to do everything else instead of  what you should be doing
.this is me
fainting bravely 

sreda, 7. december 2011

.I'm sorry


(I'm not that comfortable drawing a nude body)
was feeling a bit down
 just felt like drawing this
(it's not autobiographical dough)

ponedeljek, 5. december 2011

.3 wolves_progress

 /quick mini color sketches, I really don't understand color that much,
so i usually end up using tones of just one color)
 /bigger more detailed sketch on A4 
 /traced to watercolor paper
 /quick wash 
 /filled in the background an started colouring the tree
 /crappy photo of finished tree
 /crappy photo of finished tree with red mushrooms 
/signed and done 
.predolgo se že nisem podpisov pod nekej mal večjega