nedelja, 16. oktober 2011

/.I am so brilliant at postponing everything, it's unbelievable
and I really need the push sometimes, cause I hardly ever do,
push myself to finish things

.I have to get my comic finished !!!
.I gave myself a deadline and I have to get it done !!!
.cause it's just been too **** long (i'm not cursing, those are snowflakes :)

.photos here are of two characters (that are actually just one) from the story i have in mind for the comic. I made a big version of them to serve as a reminder to stick to it and do it already !
.oh and also because they just look awesome in my room :)

.I'll post some stuff as things get moving
.and do feel free to bug me about how it's going :)

.pencils sharpened, fingers crossed, time to get busy ...

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